Permanent Dates
the last Friday and Saturday
             in July                      


Welcome, To the Forth Nelsonville Brick Festival

                 JULY 24th and 25th 2015

Come celebrate with us, the history, the beauty, the charm, the craftsmanship and the world impact of the lowly and simple brick. Celebrate how the bricks of the Hocking valley impacted America and created the foundation of the "Industrial Revolution."


  EVENTS:                  Friday July 24th

                                        2:00 pm Tour of Haydenville and New Straitsville

                             5:00 pm Optional cook out

                             6:00 pm  Nelsonville Artisan event

                             7:00 pm live music show (2hr), Nelsonville

                                                     Saturday July 25th

                                        9:00  to 10am Brick set-out Ralph,s brick yard

                                       10:00 am  Brick swap (lot Behind McDonalds)

                           12:00 Start of brick games

                                          Brick Races  we provide the race track and the wheels,
                                                              You provide the Brick
                                          Brick Toss    How far can you throw a 12 pound Brick ?
                                                             (divisions by age and sex)
                                          Brick Hole    Kind of like Corn Hole but more risk.
                                                             (shin protection provided)
                                          Know your Brick Identify bricks for small prizes (all day)
                                          Brick History Local Brick History and Stories
                                          Make a Brick you make it we will fire it

                                 3:00 pm Brick Scavenger Hunt, in my brick yard
                                            (This may Be the last time this will be offered)
                              4:00 pm Awards and the open house at the

                              Historic Landmark the Original home of

                              AD Farrows Harley Davidson, Nelsonville

                              4:30 cookout and fire side live music (2hr)

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